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*Initially we came to Dr. Paul when our daughter was diagnosed with PDD/nos. We started coming to Dr. Paul in 2001. Rachel (our daughter) was very withdrawn. She didn't make eye contact, wasn't talking and when overwhelmed would close her eyes, drop her head, she would close up like a fist, and also had distinctive autism facial features. We were unable to draw her out of her behavior. She was 3 when we started with Dr. Paul. Within a months time we started seeing Rachel open up like a beautiful flower! She began to call me mom, making some eye contact and started interaction. As we weekly came to see Dr. Paul we continued to see Rachel grow and blossom. At 8 years old, people had a hard time believing she Ever had any problems.
Now at 12 years old Rachel is one of the top in her class and even one of the top in the state for her spelling and math. Studies say that autism can't be cured, but they haven't seen Dr. Paul!!

*Joel, our oldest, was 5 when we started seeing Dr. Paul. We were told he was hyperactive and had allergies. Joel is an extremely intelligent boy! Since seeing Dr. Paul he no longer has allergies.

*Samuel is our youngest just turned 4. Samuel has been seeing Dr. Paul since he was about 24 Hours Old! Dr. Paul first adjusted him in the hospital. Samuel has had no immunizations and has never been on antibiotics. He has never had an ear infection and is extremely healthy.

*My husband has always been healthy; but with Dr. Paul's adjustments he no longer fights the flu bug each year.

*I have suffered from migraines for over 30 years. With Dr. Paul I have less intense headaches as well as fewer headaches. I was experiencing back pain when I first started seeing Dr. Paul. The medical doctor told me I needed back surgery. Coming to Dr. Paul he found, after x-rays, I have a shorter leg. With lifts, I no longer have the back pain.

What hasn't Dr. Paul done for our lives? He has helped us to be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled family. Instead of having to run to the medical doctor for every little thing, we are able to be at the park. When asked who our main Doctor is, we say, Dr. Paul!!!

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