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Giving Sonya Life

Chiropractic Care Saved Sonya

Sonya was born 16 weeks early. She weighted 1 Pound 6 ounces at birth and was only 12 inches long. She spent 105 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where she was surrounded by highly trained doctors who helped her to survive. Had it not been for their knowledge - I don't even want to consider it. I thank them for being there for us.
Sonya never talked much. She had been diagnosed with a paralyzed left vocal cord, and her vocal cords were asymmetric. She was in speech therapy for 2 years and her Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor wanted to surgically reconstruct her vocal cords to improve her voice quality and encourage speech.

Dr. Paul came into her life and is giving Sonya the ability to live as she was meant to.

After just 2 adjustments Sonya's speech quality improved dramatically! Her vocabulary went from about 20 words has progressed to well over 60. She has also begun to make sentences.

Sonya had a very light appetite and her complexion was quite pale as well as having noticeable circles under her eyes.
Within the first week of chiropractic care, all of these dramatically improved; the circles under her eyes have disappeared, her complexion has become a very healthy look, and her appetite is there.

Sonya had a hard time sitting still and was very apprehensive about doctors.
Her experienced with doctors generally involved being forcibly held down while something unpleasant was done to her. She now runs to Dr. Paul's office and jumps right up onto the table for her adjustment. She also will sit still at home playing and have far fewer tantrums.

It is hard for someone to imagine what it is like to rarely hear your child speak, to pray to hear them say 'mama', or to laugh, to wonder if they ever will.
Now, my little baby Sonya says "I Love You!" All within the past month!
We believe had it not been for Dr. Paul's knowledge, Sonya would not be where she is today. For this we will always be thankful to Dr. Paul and his fantastic staff.

Daddy always new knew when Sonya started to get adjusted; she was so happy and playful afterwards. Now she is all the time!

God Bless.

Nicole & Greg Davies

Sonya's Birth Certificate (Next to a U.S. Quarter)


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