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Meet Dr. Jacob Kornetzke

Dr. Jacob W. Kornetzke D.C.,M.S.

Dr. Jacob Kornetzke, D.C., M.S., is a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic who focuses on reestablishing and restoring motion throughout the body, particularly the spine. He does so for a wide variety of patients, young to young-at-heart. Dr. Jake particularly enjoys using proven, hands-on techniques to eliminate everything from, but not limited to: headaches, neck pain, low back and knee concerns to newborn colic, diabetes and fibromyalgia. However, what Dr. Kornetzke loves most is taking care of those who are searching for wellness, helping them reach that goal, and seeing them maintain it.

Dr. Kornetzke holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance. He utilizes this degree to evaluate nutritional needs for patients and truly loves helping them make positive changes in their diet and lifestyles and to attain their personal goals. With his Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) Certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine he is able to work directly with athletes and their performance goals.

Dr. Jake was fascinated by chiropractic since childhood. His mother, Jill, had been suffering from chronic and severe migraines for six years. She had tried all the medications and medical treatments; with no relief. After every option failed she was referred to seek care from a chiropractor.

Dr. Jake remembers tagging along the day of her first visit and both of their lives were changed forever. She was finally able to play with Dr. Jake and his siblings instead of being bed ridden and miserable. Even at that young age, Dr. Kornetzke knew when he “grew up,” being a chiropractor and helping those like his mother was his calling. That has fueled his passion for the last 20 years.

Dr. Kornetzke grew up about an hour northeast of Slinger, in the small town of Kiel. He really loves the small town feel and enjoys getting to know people and businesses by more than their name. Since graduation, he is pleased to be back in Wisconsin, and believes Wisconsinites are truly the best people in the world.

Health and vitality have always been important to Dr. Jake, he is conscious to what he eats, how he exercises, and how it makes him feel. Dr. Jake comes from a very large family (his Grandma had 15 kids!) family is something that is very important to him. He is looking forward to putting down roots and starting a family of his own in the future.

In his spare time, Dr. Kornetzke enjoy staying physically active through weight training and running. He also enjoys cooking, reading and staying current with chiropractic and nutrition literature, music, hiking, rock climbing, camping, golf, soccer, boating, spending time with his wonderful girlfriend Kristin and being around anything with an engine.

Dr. Kornetzke is honored to offer guidance and support to you and your family members in their health journey. He looks forward to being a vital part of your family’s health and wellness team.

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