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Ovarian Cyst

This past January 2009 I went in for a routine examination with my regular OB/GYN, MD. During the routine pelvic exam the MD looked concerned and stated that she felt a mass on my ovary. She mentioned that I would have to come in for an ultrasound immediately to check out the mass. The ultrasound, at the end of January revealed a 4.4 cm complex mass. She explained that this type of cyst is concerning and that I would need to have my ovary removed if it became larger, or did not go away on its own.  She also sent me for blood work to further evaluate me for ovarian cancer.  She also went me for blood work to further evaluate me for ovarian cancer. Being the mom of a 2 year I old, my heart sank thinking that if the cyst was cancer they would most likely remove both ovaries and that the prognosis for ovarian cancer is grim if it is caught too late. Even if it turned out to be non-cancerous, I still was not interested in losing my ovary at 26 years old. 

During the month of February I anxiously awaited my next ultrasound to determine whether or not I would need surgery.  My significant other came back from Dr. Paul's, as he is a long time patient, and mentioned a detox program that may help get rid of the cyst. The idea is that cysts form from a build up of toxins in the body and that by removing the toxins, the cyst could go away on its own. I was determined to try anything at this point and decided a detox couldn't hurt, wither way. My second ultrasound was scheduled for March 2nd. 

My doctor called me the afternoon of March 3rd to tell me that the Cyst was GONE!
My ovary was completely normal in size and shape, and I wouldn't need any further testing. This is rare because many complex cysts only disappear over time or have to be removed surgically, they do not just disappear. My doctor also game the go-ahead to try and have another child. 
Only 4 weeks later, here we are, Cyst Free and Pregnant! 

The detox has helped me get back on track for eating better and taking care of my body. Before the detox I was a carb and caffeine junkie, but the detox has made me realize just how addicted I had become to these substances.

Thank You! - Anonymous  - April 9, 2009


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