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RNs Choice is Chiropractic

IMG_0059.JPGDr. Paul is such an important part of my healthcare.

He has helped me when other doctors told me there was nothing more they could do. Many years ago I injured my back to the point I couldn't stand and when my husband took me to the ER I was given traditional treatment of pain pills and muscle relaxants; which I knew would only put me to sleep. (I had a big party planned for that weekend and I still could not stand!) I then went to Riegleman Chiropractic and Dr. Paul gave me an adjustment and I could stand straight and not cancel my plans.
I stayed with him only until I was "Feeling Fine", then I stopped my care. I know now what a HUGE Mistake that was because in later life I ended up needing back surgery, that I feel could have been avoided with Dr. Paul's help.

In 2007 I came down with bilateral pneumonia. Two internal medical doctors and one pulmonary specialist treated me and after 6 weeks of care, the specialist told me there was nothing more they could do.
My coughing caused rib fractures and it was very painful. I went to my massage therapist and she reminded me of chiropractic care and how it helps more then just back pain. I called Dr. Paul's office that same day. Two weeks later I was doing much better and this time I kept up with his care. Dr. Paul saved me that same year from having a knee arthroscopy and a cervical fusion. I am now a firm believer that God gave our bodies the ability to heal if we only take care of them.

I know for a Fact that Chiropractic Care has Improved My Health.

I had X-rays taken a year after my first set. (I have been a registered nurse for over 40 years and know something about reading films.) When we looked them over I was Amazed at the improvement!
My normal curves were coming back, and the increase in disc space along with the reduction of bone spurs was remarkable! I still have a way to go, and will never be normal because of the surgery, but I can see the improvement.

Dr. Paul is very modest when I tell him he has healing hands.
He treats his patients with respect, and genuine kindness.
He makes you feel like you are part of a family rather then a patient. His staff is also a refection of him with these remarkable qualities.
He is a doctor that cares more about your health and is willing to work with his patients to make Chiropractic Care affordable.

Dr. Paul strives very hard to keep up to date in his profession.
He attends seminars and classes to give his patients the very best there is to offer and he shares his knowledge with complimentary monthly talks, open to anyone interested in learning.

Still working as a nurse, I see pain medications given to patients, for back pain, some are very addictive and have many side effects.
I wish they would see Chiropractic Care First! It may take some time, but what doesn't. Teeth have to be cleaned, cars need the oil changed, and Spines need to be Adjusted.

Health is Important and we need to Maintain it!

I'm very Blessed that I renewed my Chiropractic Care with Dr. Paul.

My life has much improved and I plan on never being without
his supervision or without his wonderful adjustments.

Thank You for being such a
Remarkable Doctor!

Arlenen Hettig - RN

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